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Wolf Tech - Deep Space Dubz (2016)[Shanti Planti](Deep, Dub, Space, Bass)

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Somewhere beyond the fringes of known space, hidden within the static chatter of background radiation that permeates the expanse, 

there exists one pure sound. Moving through the constellations, filtered through the ephemeral touch of silent nebulas and bent by the weight of time itself, 

it emerges as a deep and inalienable rhythm pulling all lifeforms toward the universal Source. 


An emotive call from the cosmos to dive inward toward the flowing sine wave of Creation, 

Deep Space Dubz transports listeners to a pocket of reality safe from the noise of daily being—a downbeat sanctuary for the wandering mind where immutable dub echoes in and out of the void and spritely reverberations dance to illuminate the darkness. 


Rich with psychedelic basslines, fragmented rhythms, uplifting instrumentation and divine interludes, 

Wolf Tech’s melodic soundscapes beam shimmering light into the infinite realm of the mind and spirit. 

A loving memoir from the cradle of universal life, 

Deep Space Dubz offers a heartfelt glimpse of what lies beyond the horizon and within the imaginative territory of Inner Space.

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