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Ambient tracks for relaxation

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Hello everyone,


I am really into psychedelic music and ambient music, but right now i am willing to make a ambient compilation for my mother because i know she likes relaxation and stuff.
Could you guys advice me some soft melodic ambient tracks ? Because most the tracks i listen to are too psychedelic or too sophisticated.

Thank you very much.

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she might enjoy the work of Matt Hillier aka Ishq/Ishvara/Colourform/Elve, although some of his work might be too psychedelic. Try this:


or for just straight up relaxing, Astropilot's Yoga Mantra alias is perfect, here's one track from the album but it's still over 25 minutes long:

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I will only recommend for three ambient albums that are also my top favorites :)


1) 'Lauge - Pusterum'.

"The album contains 10 beat-less ambient tracks which are intended to take the listener on meditative and relaxed journey through dreamy soundscapes."

I really do enjoy listening to this album every now and then, really, really relaxing and dreamy.



2) 'OM - Viaje al Interior'.

"Perfect music for meditation, yoga, therapy sessions, chill out zones and headphones."

I couldn't say anything else. Perfect music for meditation and relaxation.



3) 'Cloower Wooma - Over Nebulas EP'.

"A free space-ambient album from Anton Morozov, a Russian electronic music composer impassioned by the beauty of the universe and it's amazing nebulae formations. 

Presented in 432Hz tuning and 24Bits quality for ultimate sound quality."
Beautiful ambient to listen to. Available for free at Altar records bandcamp.

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This one is also recommended album to check out! Listened it through today and enjoyed it very much.




"Scapes and Spheres opens the depth of time and meditative space of drone ambient. Musical landscapes flowing gently through listener's mind, expanding into the peaceful state of calm reflection. The album consists of then relaxing tracks without rhythm, different by mood, but united by pure bliss. "


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This is one of my favourite EPs to relax to.  It's not psybient at all, but it's excellent and accessible for someone who doesn't like all those electronic whale songs :)



There's also this excellent album - one of my all time favourites - again guitars and synths, but still feeling pretty organic and accessible:


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