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Dream Scatter - Transient Phase & Side Space (2014) [Crucial Flow Research] (psychill, trip-hop, ambient)

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September 2014, Crucial Flow Research releases a double-mini-album-ep-set: Transient Phase & Side Space
Essentially, listening to the two albums together in a row, starting with Transient Phase and ending with Side Space represents a sort of minimalist contemplative journey. It is minimalist because only a few basic thoughts are emphasized using carefully selected and edited speech, thus leaving much room for the listener to have his or her own subjective thoughts arise and mix in with Dream Scatter’s own vibrational energy. Listening to the two albums in a row is in essence a psychological journey that has been weaved together through a playing with resemblance and also distinctness among all of the sounds. This may allow people to form interesting connections between the music and their unconscious or developing thoughts. This is some music to imagine whatever you wish to and it could be useful for moving along thoughts and ideas. Projections of the listener, ideas, and understandings will make the experience different for everyone. Covering a full spectrum, ranging from positive and uplifting energy (Inversion) to psychotic and nerve-wracking (Neural Precipitate) to forward-moving and inspiring (Research Project) to mysterious and chilled-out (Morning Dew), these two mini-albums cover a diverse set of atmospheres ~
Artist: Dream Scatter
Album: Transient Phase
Type: mini-album
Style tags: psychill, trance, downtempo, breakbeat, experimental, trip-hop
Media type: WEB
Year: 2014
Label: Crucial Flow Research
Catalog ID: CFR006
Length: 00:34:54
  1. Solar Transformation (05:33)
  2. Temporal Lobe (with JazzJet) (05:10)
  3. Memory Implant (04:02)
  4. Flow Mechanics (03:33)
  5. Research Project (with JazzJet) (06:21)
  6. Inversion (with Paper Machetes) (03:50)
  7. R. P. Wackbard (Bonus) (06:21)
These songs are the more active part of the journey, composed using the audio styles of interest from explorations earlier that year. With Transient phase, Dream Scatter was interested in expressing multiple philosophies and thinking patterns, such as that society should always be evolving and changing and not be static, as with music. Things are always evolving and changing and yet staying the same in some way or another, stuck in a perpetual trance. This music is about capturing that notion. When a new idea or new sound or pattern of thinking hits the brain it makes the observer more curious and inquisitive, stirring things up. That’s what this is about. However, as with any stimulus, the perception of the meaning of the music will keep on evolving both in the artist’s mind and as well as with the listeners. In this mini album there was much exploring and developing of experimental composition, mixing, and mastering techniques; enabling him to map out editing steps into distinct categorical production phases. Process has allowed for a very selective expression during each step and helped with visualizing and filling in all of the categorical spaces into a full and well thought out experience. Listen ~
Artist: Dream Scatter
Album: Side Space
Type: mini-album
Style tags: psychill, ambient, drone, abstract, leftfield, experimental
Media type: WEB
Year: 2014
Label: Crucial Flow Research
Catalog ID: CFR007
Length: 00:38:02




  1. Morning Dew (05:21)
  2. Rough Idea Park (05:10)
  3. Neural Precipitate (08:05)
  4. Nonlinear Recurrence (03:33)
  5. Wackbard Symmetry (06:21)
  6. Continue? (04:11)
  7. Mangrove Swamp (Bonus) (05:17)
Side Space is the extended reflection one can listen to in succession to the main album as part of the meditative journey to help reflect on and review some of the thoughts an individual may have had during the main tracks. This is due to their resemblance and corresponding order in relation to Transient Phase. Side Space is created using backwards, forwards, and varyingly slowed down, re-pitched, and remixed portions of the original tracks — mainly with the aim of getting a much more laid back and less active sound. Side Space is what someone might listen to alone off to the side in an alternate musical and mental place. The title implies being off from the mainstream, to the side, a space to be explored away from the tumult and chaos of society; a glimpse into alternate possibilities ~



These two albums are presented together here because if they are to be reviewed it would make sense to keep them combined as it is a 2-part album ~

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