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Aera Records

VA - AERAVIBES #1 [Aera Records] (Tribal, Electronic, Psy, Pagan, Ethnic, Instrumental)

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The first collection of Chill-out and Electronic music by Russian independed label 'Aera Records'. 
The compilation includes original versions and remixes of label members' tracks. 

Geography is wide. Central Russia, the Urals and Bashkiria, Udmurtia, Orenburg, and even China. 

The compilation includes tracks by musicians and projects that are respected in Russian world\ethnic musicians community: 
Tatiana Kalmikova (Live Earth), Wind All, HAUA, Ikaruska aka Peter Nesterov, Xibil. 

Along with well-known names following projects are presented for the first time: iNDIAN artists, ShooDJa-ChooDJa, Astral Sigment. 
AERAVIBES is a journey into the Mother Russia's vast expanses.
01 Astral Sigment-Intro 
02 Living Earth - Utushka (Taturas remix) 
03 iNDIAN - Green Hills 
04 HAUA - Diva Divo 
05 Bisan Toron - Unexpected Visitor (Frol Music remix) 
06 Manu Shrine - Dismissal (Original Mix) 
07 ShooDJa-ChooDJa - Akashka 
08 Wind To All - On The East 
09 Xibil - Teleportation 
10 WILL Ensemble - Ya Gulala (Ikarushka remix) 
11 T-DAB - Udm Mood 

All rights reserved. 
Aera Records Publishing. 
Catalog number: AERA04 
Release date: 03.03.2016 


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