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Track analyze in Traktor (and audio file formats)

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Bought me yesterday some new tracks from Bandcamp.

Safed them into my 'bandcamp'-map.

Got them into Traktor to analyze them and some tracks doesn't work.

Traktor doenst analyze them, don't load them into a deck (get the message: 'file can not be played, the file can be missing, corrupt or unsupported')...

i find that very strange :)


Other tracks i bought at the same time work perfect in Traktor.

So a number of tracks doesn't play at Traktor, other tracks work perfectely.

All tracks come from the same 'map', all tracks are .wav.

i can play all tracks (also the tracks that don't play in traktor) on itunes.


Does anyone have a clue what i'm doing wrong?

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i deleted and draged them a zilion times already! :)

they all come from a file i made in finder (mac).

so normally all tracks should work or non of them.


i'll try to donwload them on my windows PC, and see what happens...


it's at times like these that i think back at the time when all you needed was a analogue mixer and 2 turntables...:)

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i mailed bandcamp with my issue and i got a reply!

here it is: 



Sorry for the trouble. It's actually not the unzipping program that's causing this. Traktor has a habit of rejecting higher bit audio (these ones are 24-bit) so you'll unfortunately have to either try downloading a different format, or converting the files to 16-bit. If that doesn't work you may need to consult Traktor's documentation to see what can be done.

Hope that helps,



so yeah, downloading an other format or convering my wav to 16 bit...what a shame

any idea what format would work?

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AIFF is better then WAVE in my opinion.

converting 24 bit to 16 bit sounds OK to me, i do it to save space. i don't hear difference at my sound system / sound equipment.


we discussed it here => http://forum.psybient.org/index.php/topic/222-16-bit-or-24-bit-questions-to-producers-and-audiophiles/

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at the moment i'm happy with AIFF, i hope it keeps working like that

didn't try them on itunes yet, i don't know if it will play

but that's no prob i'm using those tracks only in traktor atm.

AIFF is good, cause is Itunes , Traktor, Serato and Pioneer CDJ compatible (you can play it from USB pen drive).

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by the way,


have made a test recently , loaded a track into Traktor 2.10 , mixed in key 8 and then checked in beatport.

all got same correct results for track KEY.



i still keep my tracks in m4a (apple lossless), but if i had to start over my collection, i would go for AIFF, as it is supported by more devices.

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