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Psybient.org podcast started few years ago, already 6 episodes were released.

later on i will make better introduction, now let's enjoy them.


- first 5 episodes are just showcase of reach variety of psybient related genres

- episode 6 starting a new series of podcast that will highlight only new music, so episode 6 is with only music released in January 2016 (next episodes will follow for February etc)

- next project is to make special mixes dedicated to different countries (we will have an episode dedicated Spain mixed by spanish DJ, a mix dedicated to Denmark from a DJ from there etc). Feel free to propose DJ's and countries or propose to make a mix for us from your country.


p.s. tracklists for each mix are directly in soundcloud. Most of the mixes are downloadable.

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all six episodes of podcast are available for download via Soundcloud.

episode 5 have been uploaded to my personal account to allow downloads.


episode 7 will be mixed by Fuluf (dedicated to releases from February)

episode 8 will be mixed by Toxic In Dub (dedicated to Spain)

episode 9 will be mixed by DJ Trala Lama (dedicated to releases from March)


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Loving it...and hating that I have such a hard time finding fellow listeners, sigh...but that's america for you...!

Agreed, the psybient scene in America (or at least the east coast where I'm located) is damn near nonexistent, but it does seem like it's slowly picking up some, acts like Ott, Shpongle, Desert Dwellers and Bluetech are getting quite popular here.

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