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PLNTKNGDM - crystal skulls mix 03 (2016) [ psytrance / psychill / tribal ]

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Storehouses of wisdom and knowledge, transmitted to the Maya people of Yucatan from the lost world Atlantis many thousands of years ago, the mystical crystal skulls have fascinated researchers since the rediscovery of the first them, the so-called Mitchell-Hedges skull, more than half a century ago. But today the singing skulls are scattered far and wide, and so they will remain until such time as we learn to share with one another, care for one another, and live in a world of peace and harmony with Grandmother Earth. When mankind is ready they will come back to reveal their knowledge. (James Huges)



01 Loopbaba - Aerial Roots

02 Doof - The Second Revelation (Intro)
03 Toires - Azif Laile (Namgual Cruz Remix)
04 Slack Baba - Drink more tea (Herbal Mix)
05 Ott - The Bicycle Of The Sky
06 Radioactive Sandwich - Sigogglin (Kurbeats Remix)
07 EarthRise SoundSystem - Makyen Ghrir Allah (Desert Dwellers Remix) (feat. Hamid Boudali)
08 Younger Brother - Pound a Rhythm (Electronic Mix)
09 Digital Mystery Tour - Run Time
10 Dirtwire - Tepotzteco
11 Bohemian - Buddhism Turbocharged
12 Shantrip - Moduling Reality
13 Baba Gnohm - Tales Of The Giant Stones
14 Zen lemonade - Rodnet
15 Abakus - Dreamer
16 Eat Static -The Sacred Key Of Kalfu
17 LuneCell - Om
18 Brian Grassfield - Type One
19 Quixotic and The Human Experience - La Calaca
20 Isaak Hypnotizer - Alhia
21 Terra Nine - No Return (Ott Remix)
22 Overdream - 13 Crystal Skulls Festival

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