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New Psybient Expansion pack for Diversion Vsti - Serene Horizon & Pad Design Technique Videos

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Hello everyone, this thread will be dedicated to the Diversion Vsti Psybient Sound Bank - Serene Horizon. I will also be posting some tutorial videos on creating some really love ambient style patches with this really beautiful synth -- perfect for Psybient. 





.....::::: Audio Demo's :::::.....









.....::::: Video Tutorials :::::.....





......::::: Site Url :::::.....



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What's up guys, I'm really happy to share another video with you guys! This time its a quite special one playing some totally rad goa trance melodies using the patches from the sound bank. I go through each of the presets with qutie a few different goa riffs and tweak them using the master morph section in the center of the gui. Watch in HD or the preset names won't be visible. 




Would love and can't wait to hear what you guys think of this video, there are only a few places I can share such a specilazed genre with so your feedback would be great -- I made it for you guys after all :) It's goa trance, but the same leads would be perfect for psybient/psychill. Cheers


Touch The  Universe Productions,

Timothy Ivory

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Welcome to the first ever sale from Touch The Universe, for the Serene Horizon Soundset! It is part summer sale and part celebration for getting accepted at university!


If you've been meaning to update your diversion arsenal with a lot of fresh sounds, now is the best time! Until July 14th, you can grab over 270 patches and 1 gigabyte of sample content for 14$ (reg. 22$).



The Serene Horizon soundset took over a month to create, after many countless hours of love, effort, and devotion. This is creative sound design at its best! Only the highest quality patches made it through the final selection process. Listen to the audio/video demos and imagine using these beautiful sounds in your next productions and tweaking them to your own style.


I've also added a free soundbank demo that is available on my site. For now, the only way I can do it is to set it up with paypal (check out for 0.00 and receive the download link). If you don't have paypal and are interested, send me a pm :wink: 


You can grab the full version and demo here:


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