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neil (spatialize)

Is the album dead?


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  1. 1. Do you like EPs

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Would you prefer 3 EP (more regular) or 1 album (longer to wait)

    • i prefer 3 EPs
    • i prefer album (even if i have to wait longer)
    • doesn't really matter (it is up to artist to choose)

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Album all the way also. It feels more of a story rather than some random tracks together as few mentioned here. And also agree on overdoing it. Grouch suddenly released few big compilations of unreleased tracks, Kuba, Abakus, even ishq sometimes... although I still buy all of his music :D

But Spatialize, if you are saying it will take you 3 years to release next full length album.. in that case I would prefer you to do EPs as I would like to hear more of your music after last 2 releases! :)

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ah no Yuri what I meant was, if I released everything I have right now as EP's and then started off for a new album from scratch, then it would take a good 2-3 years/.  As it stands I have a good half an album worth of material ready and also some nice tracks in development (so a few EP's is an option right now...but this thread has convinced me that it's probably best to hang on and wait to release an album). 


But I'm not pushing it at all.  Just making music when the muse is there and enjoying it along the way.  Having said that I am toying with the idea of a techno EP as I've been writing a bit of upbeat recently and I'm not sure that they would fit into an album, might be too diverse. 

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Actually I'm very much getting the vibe that people like a bit of variety and diversity on their albums. I do too.  For me it gives the album more longevity.


I guess techno/dub/psychill/electronica fall more or less under the electronic music banner and a collection of tracks in that style are going to sit together relatively well. 


As long as it's not a Nose bleed Techno track followed by relaxing whale songs it should work ok.....probably.

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