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Myth Maker

Myth Maker - "Cydonia Complicated" (2016) [self-released] (psybient, ambient, spoken word)

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Artist: Myth Maker

Album: Cydonia Complicated
Type: album
Style tags: psybient, ambient, spoken word, downtempo
Media type: Web
Year: 2016
Label: [none]
Length: 00:52:23
1. Sun Begins Its Climb Again
2. Colliders and Dancers
3. Amber Light
4. Curse Your Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal!
5. Orchid Clad Hangar
6. LO-III-84M
7. Atmospherean Realms
8. The Prophecy of Sir William Hope
9. Dreams of Mercury
10. Desert Varnish
11. It Certainly is Out There
12. Post Apollo Hypnosis
13. 35A72
14. Riding Borealis
15. The Baconian Conspearecy
I hope you thoroughly enjoy this record! Download for free!

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