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Ishq - Autumn Light (2015) [Virtual]

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'Autumn light ' is an album of 5 parts or tracks centred around recurring melodic and harmonic motifs and themes . 

The idea with this album was to capture something of the feel of autumn here as the fading light of winter sets in , reflect some of the emotional aspects of this season also and how they relate to the human cycles of life and death and create something both touching and stilling . 

This album was captured live in a sense to master and composed outdoors with the hope that some transference of outdoor energy would take place . 

I hope you enjoy it , its a one off and just a moment in time and written to paint a nice picture of the woods , fields , hill and valleys of the English countryside in the autumn season.
released 10 January 2015 

recorded live 2014 in a field by Ishq

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According to Matt facebook posts there's 6 new releases coming in next couple of months. PLUS there's 4th main ishq album coming soon which is named "Meadows"

Thanks for the info Yuri. I don't have a FB page so I'd be unlikely to know about this before the actual release :P

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