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Electro Jar and a short mention of other projects I am involved in.

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Hello everyone,


I hope this will make for an interesting stay.


Just found the forum searching for psychedelic music forums, and I am quite shocked by how few there seem to be.


Anyway glad I found you.


AIready made my first post in the Music and Releases sub forum, about a new release I have been involved in creating, namely the 4 track EP Journey Across the River Styx, by the electronic duo I am in called Electro Jar: http://forum.psybient.org/index.php/topic/1421-electro-jar-journey-across-the-river-styx-2016-flystyrt-psychedelicexperimentaldowntempo/


Electro Jar is absolutely my most active project at the moment, although I have a few solo project I work on on the sideline, these are as follows, just to get it over with:


...and for such a long time (lo-fi psychedelic folk): https://andforsuchalongtime.bandcamp.com/


Jacob Læby (ambient/noise/drone project in my own name): https://jacoblaeby.bandcamp.com/


Flystyrt (which beside being my label name and translated to English meaning plain crash, also is the name of the musical project in which I recite own Danish poems to experimental, predominantly electronic, music): https://flystyrt.bandcamp.com/


Further back, as I mention in the post about the new EP release by Electro Jar, I have a background in alternative rock, playing bass for the hardcore/noise/math-rock band Menfolk and bass, lead guitar and some backing vocals as the other half of the lo-fi indie pop duo Janosch.


To get back to Electro Jar, here is some info:


Electro Jar is a duo consisting of Jackie Rasmusen (Programming, Vocals) and Jacob Læby (Programming, Additional Instruments, Vocals) that compose electronic music of the genre crossing, psychedelic and slightly experimental kind, though with focus on ambient sound qualities, to create soundscapes, and the more down-tempo/chill end of the musical spectrum.

It all started back in August 2014, where they created an instrumental chillout cover version of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), originally by Eurythmics, as their first finished track.

Since the duo has created 18 original tracks, which are all up for free listening and download on their Bandcamp page: https://electrojarjar.bandcamp.com/

9 of these tracks are further more available through various online shops and services such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, namely:


- With the Light On (06/2015)

- In Dreams (10/2015)


- Sonic Inception (11/2015)

Featuring 3 tracks:

1. Sonic Inception
2. Lost
3 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

- Journey Across the River Styx (04/2016)

Featuring 4 tracks:

1. Journey Across the River Styx
2. Inlets To Eternity
3. Return to Center
4. Minority Report


All this is taken from our Facebook page, which is here: https://www.facebook.com/ElectroJar/



And for those curious about how our first track sounded, even if it was a cover of Eurythmics, here it is:




Which leads me to my SoundCloud page where most of the recent music I have been involved with is to be found:



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Hi and welcome :)

you shared many links, and might take us time to listen carefully to all, so maybe i propose you to post here below (or edit original post) to add  some of the embeded players for your most "psybient" projects and albums. 


p.s. you can read more about embeded bandcamp players here => http://forum.psybient.org/index.php/topic/73-readme-howto-write-review-and-get-new-music/

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