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DJ Chien

Recommendations for uh "Earth Psybient" ?

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Hi people,


I guess this topic is the reverse of the " Space Psybient " one... :P

I'm fond of psybient with extensive use of acoustic instruments, so I'm just asking if anyone has some favorites to share ?


I know there are thousands of tracks with some discrete samples of strings/percs/keyboards/brass here and there, but I'm searching for guys who use them in a really daring way like :


- Shpongle (since they're a 11-piece band now, that's the most blatant example I can think of...and my favorite artist)


- Argaman (one of the rare I know who doesn't dig the Oriental-instruments trend, and merges psybient with orchestral music)


- Clozee (violinist/producer who does'nt just add violin riffs, but kickass solos also)


- "The Alien Jams" by Ajja & Cosmosis (with constant progressive rock guitars, riffs and solos)


- "Psychedelectro Swing Lounge" by Spacey Koala (rock and swing guitars along psybient)




Drumspyder, Zubzub, Beats Antique, Giyo, etc...


any ideas?

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Seb Taylor's projects, especially Kaya Project and Angel Tears

Adham Shaikh/Dreamtree Project (the latter is very organic)



Bombay Dub Orchestra

Last few Entheogenic albums



Shulman live album

Suns of Arqa - some of their work is almost purely organic

The Peaking Goddess Collective


Zen Garden


Most of these artists have a strong oriental influence, which I'm not sure you're particularly keen on.

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i made this mix dedicated to Earth, most of the track have strong "acoustic / ethnic " feel.



01. Kalpataru Tree - Sunset Chant
02. Gagarin Project - Cosmic awakening with Gagarin Project Episode 10 (intro)
03. Scann-Tec - Flicker (live edit)
04. Gagarin Project - Earth, Tellus, Gaia, our home planet, the only one in the solar
system known to harbor life
05. Desert Dwellers - Pranafestation
06. Zen Baboon - Beluga
07. Gagarin Project - Everything is extraordinary clear. I see my hands and smell the rich
river mud
08. Gagarin Project - I feel a great sense of strangeness and wonder at being
09. Zoungla - Wakefulness In Sleep
10. Kaminanda - Peace Mala
11. Gagarin Project - We are one, one world, one family of souls, all connected by the thread of love
12. Cell - Lord If Silk
13. Gagarin Project - Imagine the Earth, a small and green planet, which we are dependent for life. Feel a sense of love and gratitude for this delicate organism, expressing it through your daily actions and thoughts
14. Eguana - Desires Of The People
15. Kalpataru Tree - MettaLullaby
16. Third Ear Audio - Ethereality
17. Entheogenic - Love Letters To The Soul
18. Gagarin Project - Like a shoal of fish swimming as one within the ocean, humankind is
bound together by a common destiny
19. Gagarin Project - While finding your own path in life, draw strength from the knowledge that everyone around you is
also on a journey. You are never wholly one
20. Digital Mystery Tour - Rue Des Roses
21. Zen Baboon - Cymru
22. Ishq - Rainmaking
23. Gagarin Project - Cosmic awakening with Gagarin Project Episode 10 (outro)


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