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Reasonandu - Alchemy of Love (2016) [Melusine Records] (psybient, downtempo)

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The new album “Alchemy of Love†represents the ancestral union between man and woman, having the androgynous myth as an inspiration. 
It also evokes opposed instances as the Sun and the Moon, Yin and Yang, which symbolizes the primordial energy of this world. 
The songs have a cosmic call. It makes the listener to embrace the Universe and the Nature, it makes him dream and meditate at his whole existence. 
The album has, also, a very romantic aspect. It’s about the struggle of finding love, that soulmate we are all yearning for... 
1. Alchemy of love 100Bpm 
2. Drifting Away (ft. Ancient Core) 82Bpm 
3. Buried Secrets (ft. DJ Marika) 95Bpm 
4. Love divine 95Bpm 
5. Katharsis 95Bpm 
6. Last Horizon 90Bpm 
7. Pure Love (ft. Logical Elements) 92Bpm 
8. Connections (ft. Spatialize) 120.56Bpm 
9. Moon Cloud (ft. Suduaya) 95Bpm 
Timing: 54'22"
released April 14, 2016 

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