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Any thoughts on hiding background noise/hiss/music from the movie vocal sample?


I've been playing with taking out frequencies like the highs, which seems to help a little but not enough.


The problem with vocals is that consonants are effectively white noise.  If you de-noise it using de-essers etc, you remove the definitoin of the talking and left with something more 'vowelly'


There are expensive forensic cleanup suites that do a reasonable job of reducing noise and leaving the vocals as unaffected as possible but to be honest, why not leave the noise in?  nothing wrong with a bit of noise in a track


If you don't like how the noise starts and stops suddenly with the vocal track, take a bit of the noise when the voice isn't there, loop it, and fade it in and out before/after the sample.

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For samples, like everyone says, make sure they are as clean as possible to begin with.

Then, I then run mine through a plugin by iZotope called 'Dialogue Denoiser', which really cleans it up. You'll be surprised how clean a sample can get, just be careful not to remove any nice bits from the voice.

I then EQ as required, & add delay / fx / compression if appropriate.

These days I try and use samples more sparingly, as I find it alters the vibe of a track soooo much...so I really dont want to do it for the sake of it! Less is more for me :)

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With samples from movies and such I often don't worry too much about the noise, I remove some but there's not much you can do about it without becoming the equivalent of a heart surgeon. And it also depends where the sample sits, by that I mean the position of the song. There will be a difference between including on the beginning, in the middle of everything happening or in something like a more quite bridge section or middle8. But generally I roll of the lows, since it's usually just useless rumble down there, remove some hissing highs but not too much to make it sound very dull (unless it's what I'm going for). Sometimes it helps to use a de-esser but Iacchus already said what the problem is then.


If the noise is really invasive I just search for a better one.


But it's always very individual and EQing and Mixing is always a big boogeyman for novice producers. So lot's of experience, producing and learning is always the best technique  :D  :D . (that's why I'm here sucking up the precious knowledge from other more seasoned producers, muhaha)

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