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Electro Jar - Divinorum (2016) [Flystyrt] (Psychedelic/Experimental/Downtempo)

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Edit/UPDATE!: The digital realease through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify e.t.c never happned, untill now that is. Should become available through those and similar online music stores and services sometime next week (between 5-8 December 2017).... For further information about this and news about a possible future release of new material check the post I made under this one: https://forum.psybient.org/index.php/topic/1437-electro-jar-divinorum-2016-flystyrt-psychedelicexperimentaldowntempo/?p=9038


We are working fast here at the moment apparently :P


Artist: Electro Jar

Album: Divinorum

Type: EP

Style tags: Cross genre psychedelic and slightly experimental downtempo/chill

Media type: WEB (Bandcamp for now, later - most likely during May - iTunes, Amazon, Spotify e.t.c)
Year: 2016
Label: Flystyrt
Catalog ID: 0030
Length: 00:19:20
Official url: https://electrojarjar.bandcamp.com/album/divinorum


1. Divinorum (05:55)
2. Spacefuzz 2016 (06:23)
3. Somewhere Over the Ocean (a song dictated in a dream) (07:02)


The tracks are all made in less than a month during April 2016.


Cover art made by Jacob Læby (me, the other half of the project is Jackie Rasmusen):


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It is possible we were working fast at that moment, but since not much has happened with Electro Jar as a result of the other half of the project, Jackie Rasmusen, leaving.


However finally this EP, which consist of the last 3 tracks we managed to make together, will actually be released digitally other than through Bandcamp, and at some point next week it should become available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and similar online music stores and services.


In my personal opinion this EP might also represent our most consistent, best executed, produced, most experimental and pure psychedelic work.


Also I plan to get some old tracks done alone and thereby continue Electro Jar as a solo project, which might result in a full length album.


Most likely an eventual new release is a couple of months out in the future though.

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good luck with Solo path : :)


Thank you :) ...


What I have in mind preliminary for the new release seem to be of a more experimental nature than the old Electro Jar, likely more diverse in expression between songs, a fair deal of odd meters, where we used to primarily stick to the 4/4 format, also likely more pure electronic in nature, despite I was the one doing the physical instruments back when it was a duo.


Also I ponder on doing more actual singing on the tracks, where we used to predominantly use spoken word and synthesized speech.


Finally, while I think the majority of the tracks will still be in the downtempo spirit, there will for sure be some more upbeat songs on it as well.


That is of cause if everything goes as it seems right now and that I can actually utilize the old tracks I have lying around as a foundation to build up the new tracks.


If for some reason it turns out nothing good can be extracted from them, then who knows what I am going to end up creating instead, when I will be ready to present the first fruit of my work and when finally a whole full length release eventually will be ready.


But as said, as it looks now, a couple of moths, maybe even less, would not be unrealistic to expect that at least something new and finished work from this project is done.


Time will show if that is going to be just a single or perhaps yet another EP.

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