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Hermetech Mastering

Gregg Hermetech - 3 Hour Ambient Mix on Condesa Lucia (2016)

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Live three hour ambient mix with my new Condesa Lucia mixer: 



Track list: 


01. The Dance #1 by Laraaji & Eno 

02. Hyperborea by Biosphere 

03. Genetics (Irresistible Force No Gmo Mix) by Alucidnation 

04. Daisy Gun by Zoviet France 

05. The Lapaich by Chris Watson 

06. Mountain Goat by Amorphous Androgynous 

07. Among Myselves by The Future Sound Of London 

08. Madrugada Eterna by The KLF 

09. Sehr Komisch by Harmonia 

10. Placebo by Lobe 

11. In The Beginning by Michael Stearns 

12. Sanyasin by Open System 

13. From Tiny Acorns by Another Fine Day 

14. Little Fluffy Clouds (Ambient Mk 1) by The Orb 

15. Witches Ov (Beatless) by The Black Dog 

16. Evolution by Padmasana 

17. What by Folk Rabe 

18. Words Of Advice For Young People by William Burroughs 

19. Karmic Light by Tetsu Inoue 

20. Subharmonic Atoms by Pete Namlook 

21. Nepalese Bliss by The Irresistible Force 

22. Xochipili's Return by The Shamen 

23. New Seeds by Boards Of Canada 

24. Heartspace Meditation by Daevid Allen 

25. 7:7 Expansion (Greg Hunter Double Edged Sword Mix) by System 7 

26. Equal Distance by Vidna Obmana 

27. Urasvati by Ishq 

28. Rainbow by Yosi Horikawa 

29. Garden Of Paradise by Steve Hillage 

30. Manifesto by The Irresistible Force

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