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Supersillyus - Charade (2016) [Gravitas Recordings] (downtempo, psy-bass, fusion, glitch).

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An alluring road unfurls before you. 

It is vibrant and gravity-defying, filled with oddities uncommonly seen by your typical human. 

In the distance, you can spot a man, perched aside the pavement. 

This man, Supersillyus, is your newfound guide down a path that he alone can escort, and the road is titled “Charadeâ€. 

While this album may only be six tracks in length, contained within each song is a pilgrimage of the strange, curious, and interesting, totally over 40 minutes when combined. 

While a psychedelic sound design may seem the obvious focal point, the intricate drum work and charming melodic songwriting should not go unnoticed to the observant individual. 

With his fans in mind, Supersillyus has joined forces with Gravitas Music to circulate his elaborate creation, providing a free/pay-what-you-want download for all who wish to travel the path.

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thank you for continuing posting best of the week winners, here, is comfortable to go in forum , enter here, discover sound and post comment. 

As bandcamp don't allows us to comment and discuss, this place is really handy.


I think a bit later when we have more posts here, we can invite artists to come and see our comments on their music.




As for EP itself, i am not a fan of such type of sound, too glitchy for me :)

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