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SnϕwDrδp - lunar internet radio - new moon grooves

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Greetings psy tribe!


I just wanted to plug my new internet radio show, new moon grooves - two hours of psychill/bass/downtempo mixed live each new moon to honour the start of a new lunar cycle.

First broadcast will be on Tuesday 20th January, 20:00 – 22:00 GMT.

There will also be a chatroom and articles and pieces of writing relevant to the lunar cycle and the seasons - kicking off the first month there will be original poetry and mandala art from Kat Day :)



Previous shows available at http://www.mixcloud.com/snowdrop/

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Hey, thanks :) Big, big respect and gratitude for what you do brother.


I'll be on the mic introducing the show and the guest mix, and probably commenting on recent releases, or anything else that pops into my head ;) But yeah, mostly just letting the music speak for itself :)


It'll be great to have you if you make it! Peace and love xx

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Greetings psybient tribe ^-^ This month's New Moon Grooves mix from me will be composed entirely of tracks from some of the most loved albums in the Best Album category of pybient.org's Best of 2014 poll, honouring the artists who provided us with some of the most magical sonic treats of last year.


This will be followed by a guest mix from Naan, taking us on a journey into dark and beautiful places :)


Tune in at www.newmoongrooves.com from 8-10pm GMT (9-11pm CET / 4-6pm EST) tonight <3

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