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SnϕwDrδp - lunar internet radio - new moon grooves

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Tune in at www.newmoongrooves.com at 8pm (GMT) tonight for a journey into psychedelic downtempo darkness - in honour of the exploration of inner darkness with the publication of James W. Jesso's The True Light Of Darkness and its accompanying soundtrack, and the exploration of the dark reaches of outer space with the New Horizons Pluto probe :)

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Another amazing set (*˘︶˘*)


Thanks so much lovely, happy you enjoyed it ^.^


This last show was my first time tuning in. I really enjoy the live radio + live chat combination. I've seen this done in different situations (genres) but with psybient is a first.


Would be nice to have more people involved.





Thanks for tuning in embri0n, it was lovely chatting to you! Yes it would be nice to get more of a discussion going ~ new moon is for inspiring and sharing new ideas after all ;)

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