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Ashmanakash - Labyrinth

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Hi everybody !


I introduce myself first, I'm Ashmanakash, a french music producer. I say I'm a producer, the reality is that I started making electronic music one year ago. 
The link I'm posting here is the first tune I've ever finished, and of course I'm looking for feedbacks, advices on how to progress. It's a kind of psybient track, named Labyrinth. I'm aware that there are still some equalization mistakes to correct and it needs to be masterized. 



Thanks for listening, and thanks for any helpfull comment you could do !





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Nice ideas here, eastern-flavored psydub  :)


What I would love to hear is more prominent dub elements (eg. a deeper sub bassline, semi-random dub delays on the snare, stuff like that). Also, I believe you could make a tighter edit by shortening the outro and the intro.


Keep it up  ;)

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If this is your first finished track and you have only been producing for one year, then CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU, mate!


Very nice track!


Personally for my taste I think your snare might have a bit too much hi-frequency on it, and i would like to hear it drop out sometimes so the melodics would stand out more during the first part.


This is of course just personal preference.




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