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V/A - Seeds Of Hope (Compiled by Hora Project) - [Badgers Records - 2016] - (Psychill, Downtempo) - Name your price!

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Label: Badgers Records
The only thing Stronger than fear..is Hope! 
Let us Be the Generation that will not just bear this Life, but CHANGE the whole World! 
From TODAY, we plant the seeds of Tomorrow..


V.A. - Seeds Of Hope 
01. Nibana - Oasis 
02. Dimmat - Behind The Gate 
03. Sheewton - Seeds Of Hope 
04. Flowertz - Time To Change 
05. Stereo Space & Liveloula - Moonlight 
06. Jeremy's Aura - Mythical Threesome 
07. Nik Mar - Mind Journey 
08. J.P. Illusion - Voices From Africa 
09. Naturelement - Stargazing 
(Track 6: Mastered by Jeremy's Aura, Vocals by Angela Selena) 
Compiled by Hora Project 
Mastered & Cover design by Pupsidelic Media (Photography by Stalitsa) 
Production by Jyro 
Genre: Psychill / Downtempo 
released June 3, 2016

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