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Johnny Mandrake

Something small from me, just to say hello :)

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well, hello :)


I would like to show something I created, it's not perfect but I am still learning and trying to improve my skills. Please, have fun with the more typical track: 



And small sample of my still under construction project. It is ambient drone containing binaural beats in background. Binaural beats are created by custom made analog generator done specially for this project. I am still working to prepare 1 h+ hardware + software live set (Mininova, Maschine, binaural beart generator and Theremini; the tracks did not contain Theremini sounds):



Have fun :)

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it's really nice technique, I can control all the sounds played. no pre-recordings cause that live act is always different.


next step for me is to mix loop playing with out-of computer synthesis (Maschine + Mininova). first material will be ready at autum gigs.

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Exploring swamp ambient sound layers :) Recorded for the video that will be released soon! 





Azan (muslim call for prayer) inspired track. I am traveling very often to Middle East so I am very familiar with this sounds.





Another exercise with the new 95 bpm material :)




have fun!

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