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Flexagon - Elementz Radio Show 12.6.16 on Earthdanceradio.org (2016) (psybient / psychill / psybreaks /proggressive-psy)

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Guest mix as part of Koji Maru's Elementz show on Earth Dance Radio, broadcast 12.6.16.


A couple of brand new tracks, a load of music from Helios, some remixes plus great music from MoonWolf, Continuum and Beatfarmer mixed in.


1. Flexagon - The Real World [From "Diversity In The Isles"] 
2. Numatik - Gaia Unfolding (Flexagon Remix)
3. Flexagon - Pause (unreleased)
4. Flexagon - Numbers (unreleased)
5. Continuum - Nodular [from "Become Happier"]
6. Flexagon - The Far Side [from "Helios"]
7. Buffalo Huddleston - Waiting for the right song (Flexagon Instrumental Remix)
8. Beatfarmer - Shanti [from "Eye of the Storm"]
9. Moonwolf - Bad Wolf [From "Red EP"] 
10.Flexagon - Dawn
11.Mochipet - Psilocybin Samurai (Flexagon Remix)
12.Flexagon - The Scattered Disc 
13.Sephira - Lost Vegas (Flexagon remix)


Earthdanceradio.org - the world’s first non-commercial, non-profit dance music radio station supporting national and international animal welfare and environmental causes.

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