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Zero Degree - Stasis (2014) [Ant Zen] (Downbeat)

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Artist: Zero Degree
Album: Stasis
Type: album
Style tags: Downbeat
Media type: CD/WEB
Year: 2014
Label: Ant Zen
Catalog ID: act 319
Length: 01:10:01
1. cocoon (11:01)
2. stasis (07:21)
3. beacon (09:14)
4. distance (11:13)
5. parsec (09:08)
6. connecting dots (08:13)
7. tides of time (07:38)
zero degree's seventh release 'stasis' presents this project's lineup as one person, just as it started ten years ago, and delivers a slight and consistent directional change when compared to its predecessors 'probe' and 'transit'. to generate the relaxing and sensual feel zero degree is well-known for, krautrock-influenced ambiance has made room for elements of downtempo and psybient, offering new facets of matthias erhard's aural cosmos. also an appreciable factor of this album is the significant amping up of production skills and an intensified focus on analogue synth equipment. 

throughout the seven tracks the listener is carried by mighty basslines, drifting percussion, precisely sequenced patterns and veiled atmospheres. a slow beat accented base and atmospheric ambient pads, filtered and reworked with effects and carefully inserted samples achieve a hypnotic and particular post-psychedelic pulse. 

'stasis' is a perfect combination of percussive ambient and subtle electronics - an album of a spacey, deep quality which combines tranquility with motion and purpose. turn it on, and motivate your brainwaves. 

more releases of zero degree: 

ant-zen act319 

released 03 November 2014

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