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2016/09/10 - Trip To Goa presents: Solar Fields Live (Goa 9Y Anniversary) - Helsinki, Finland

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Trip to Goa is very proud to present Solar Fields live first time in Finland!

This is a direct next episode to Trip To Goa w. Ott 2016 ;)

Solar Fields Live (Sweden, Ultimae Records)
Lergoi Volacheck Live 
Tim Duster (Back2Mad, Rye Smugglers)
Aegonox (Entropy)
Dreaml4nd (Goa)

Decorations: Psychedelic Caravan


Location: Kaivohuone, Iso Puistotie 1, 00140 Helsinki

Price (unconfirmed):
presale 18eur (Cybershop Asematunneli), 20eur+bf (Tiketti), 
from door 25eur

EARLY BIRD presale tickets 15eur (limited amount!)



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There's some psychill events yes but they're more underground. Still usually very, very nice though. This one is public event and half psychill half psytrance. This same organizer has brought us Ott, E-Mantra and many more.. We've all been waiting for very long time to see Solar Fields playing here! It's seems that this event will most likely to be sold-out :)

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