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Andorra music (single demo tracks / psybient, downtempo, ambient)

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I decided to edit this topic so I'll post my future demo/single tracks into this same topic :)





Hello everyone! Here's new track from me. It's been rainy Sunday outside so this was the result :)

I've had the main melody (from 4:50) in my mind for a very long time but only now had inspiration to make a track around it.


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I made a mix of my three self-released EP's and uploaded to youtube :)


This mix was earlier on NciFirestarter's youtube channel but unfortunately it was taken down because some copyright infractions :(





[Dream EP]
1. Midnight Sun
2. The Theory of Everything
3. Childhood Dreams

[sombrero Galaxy EP]
4. Dancing Galaxies
5. Sombrero Galaxy
6. Birth of Stars


[Nature Elements EP]
7. Organic Entry
8. Blueberry Fields
9. Psychedelic Dreaming

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can you please give some download link? I like to listen music in my car during travelling to work and backwards


I enabled download option for my Samsara Festival 2015 -set. I'll enable download option for my Kaivohuone 2016 -live set later since it includes one track that's coming out hopefully later this year :)

The download button is moved under the "..." -button. Took some time to find it.. And you can see the direct download -link in the right corner of the embedded player.



You can also download my self-released EP's at https://ambient-andorra.bandcamp.com/ :)

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