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How to find a label and other info related to releasing music

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i think it is obvious for most producers, however might be useful.


there are two ways to release music:


  • alone (self releases).

the easiest is to create account on soundcloud and bandcamp, in this case you will have all benefits from release, but you will have to take care about mastering and promotion.


  • via label.

in this case label will do / help you with mastering and cover art, and will help with promotion. Obviously label will take a part of your benefit. This part may vary from label to label. 

the best label for you is the one that release music similar to yours, this will allow you to reach "target" listeners. 

We have a extended list in our psybient / psychill labels catalog and more labels can be find in the page with releases for 2016 and 2015.

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There are many download distributors on the internet like spinnup or feiyr which publish your music on all major download and streaming platforms.

While most of them take any kind of music, does anybody know if there are also download distributors which are more specialized in psybient and other psychedelic music and cover also some specialized download and streaming services?

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