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Pitch Black - Invisible Chatter (2016) [Dubmission]

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Pitch Black are back

In anticipation of their new studio album, the electronica duo present the first single, ‘Invisible Chatter’, complete with two remixes courtesy of American producer Kaminanda and New Zealand act Digital Playground.

The original track is unmistakably the work of Mike and Paddy and in many ways reflects the natural landscape of their native New Zealand: the bass reverberates through the Southern Alps, the beats skitter like cicadas on a sweltering summer’s afternoon, and the dub pours forth with all the rhythms and textures of the lush native bush and rivers.

Featuring the lyrics and vocals of London local, Alison Evelyn, ‘Invisible Chatter’ explores the duel themes of the world of invisible data and the earth raging against our use of the planet.

The first remix comes courtesy of US producer Kaminanda, who was introduced to Pitch Black by Treavor Moontribe of cult downtemple act Desert Dwellers. The second remix is a stripped out drum & bass retweek by Digital Playground, a new electronic act on the Kiwi music scene.


‘Invisible Chatter’ is available directly via Bandcamp or from all the usual suspects (iTunes, Beatport, Spotify etc). A video is due to be completed some time this month :)

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