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neil (spatialize)

Experiments in Silence - Encrypted Transmissions (2016) [Self Release]

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Encrypted Transmissions shifts the mood from the pure atmospherics of the debut album to an ambient electronica style. While deep basses, slow pulsing synths and low key beats provide a rhythmic structure, the arctic atmopsheres and fractured textures add a darkly beautiful edge. 


Additional sound design and a remix comes from Matt Hillier of Ishq and there is also some cross-fertilization with Spatialize, blending and bending embryonic audio from Neil’s other project into more experimental directions.


150 Limited edition CD copies available from July 3, 2016 


Sequences, atmospheric manipulations, oscillators, rhythmic devices, mastering – Neil Butler 


Additional Sound on Tracks 3,4,6 and Remix track 10 – Matt Hillier 

The Number Stations – Voice samples track 2 

Vox Samps Tracks 3,4 – Jacqueline Kersley 


Cover photography by Scott Howse 

CD layout – Matt Hillier 


Dedicated to the all the unknown purveyors of sound 





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