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Ancient Realms XXXII - Ginnungagap (January 2015)

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Artist: Ancient Realms

Album: Ginnungagap
Type: mix
Style tags: Psybient / Psychill / Ambient
Media type: WEB
Year: 17-01-2015
Label: Self-Released
Catalog ID: AR-32
Length: 73:24
official url: https://soundcloud.com/ancientrealms/ancient-realms-xxxii-ginnungagap



A new year starts for Ancient Realms. A year long journey into the mythological realms of Asgard. We start our journey where all things start in the cosmos, Creation. Ginnungagap, the Yawning Void, a vast primordial void existing between the elemental worlds of fire and ice, or Muspelheim and Niflheim. You can read further at Ancientrealms.net.




01. E-Mantra - Silence (Dense Atmo Remix)
02. Mindex vs Spinner - Bermuda Triangle
03. In'R'Voice - Sea Is My Blood (Callipso-Collapse Remix)
04. Tengri - Shipibo
05. Akshan - Solar Cycle 24
06. Den Kozlov - Loneliness
07. One Arc Degree - High Density Proton Breeze (Original Mix)
08. Ocelot - Tree of Life
09. Radioactive Sandwich - The 5th Dementia
10. Euphorica - Glowing Orbs
11. Psyfactor - REaliens


Cover art by: skrubhjert


Many thanks to all the artists in this months episode and their wonderful music. Please support them in their work.




Ancient Realms


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