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since our facebook groups is not longer available (yeah, unfortunately SoundCloud decided to delete all the groups), we moved as much as we could to our new playlist.


old group => https://soundcloud.com/groups/a-psybient-psydub-psychill-psychedelic-ambient-mixes-and-live-recordings

new playlist => https://soundcloud.com/psybient-org/sets/best-mixes


if you want your mix to be added in the group, please post it here in comments/posts below and we will add it.

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We might have hit a hidden Soundcloud limit  :o   :blink:  :wacko:  Cannot add more than 498 tracks to the playlist for a few days now! 

Here are some sets that were left out because of this:












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Schachmusik  "New Healing Festival"  2017


Hello there, I´m new here and first I wan´t to say thank´s, that I can be a part of this forum. 


I have some live Remix Set´s for you.

These where record in the  Chillout of the New Healing Festival in Germany






Listen and enjoy. Greetings Schachmusik

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