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"I am Robert, the man behind Universal Talents..."

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From 'Universal Talents': a booking agency that contacts artists and offering some deal for agents and promising bookings.


I had quite a few mails from 'booking agency's' like that.

I guess most of us do at some point.


But when you google on them, you read most of them are just fake money greedy morrons....


So anyone also had a mail from Robert?


Would like to know if he's fake too.

Don't find much about him on google atm.


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Hi guys, I just registered here on Psybient forum to share my experience, in short: Universal Talents is not a fake, is a useful platform.
Before register on UniversalTalents I had read your post about them, I was a little skeptical. I thought they were just one more fake agency or scam but finally I found a serious team, I have 2 whatsapp contact numbers, They reply within 24 h. professional and serious (They helped me to crop my pic profile) I have talked with an australian follower in Soundcloud and he told me he get some local gigs using this platform.
So after sign up I can tell you guys they are legit. No costs involved. 






I paste here other links I have made in my research:


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Brother, Adremus smeels like rubbish, there is money involved:



Adremus try to sell a promotion in the main page :o , Obviously is some kind of fraud.


But I dont understand why do you insist on assume Universtal Talents is a crap or scam if it is no cost involved. Universal Talents have a roster, is like a talent pool. Worldwide. Is like the Uber or Airbnb concept but for music bookings. For example If I m a event manager from Miami and I need a rapper for some event/gig  I use the searcher and I found some results like: 




I think is just... one more music platform like others: Last.fm, Reverbnation, Bandcamp... There are platforms more focused on Promo or  gain visibility and others more focused on shedulle events, get gigs, connect artists...


My experience is good  for now. I use Universal Talents to find Singers to cooperate in some projects (For  a producer is hard to find orginal and no copyright acapellas)


Other real people using UT:





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sorry for my synical reply.

didn't mean to be so negative.


it's just that i'm (and many others) are very sceptical about agencies and so on.

i guess many producers/DJ's prefer 1-1 connection via social media.


lookz like Universal Talent really helped you out on some stuff, i'm glad it works out for you.

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