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Stellar Flux

Stellar Flux, my latest psychedelic tracks with some interesting video footage

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Recently i started to think about finding (and editing) videos for my music,

im absolute newbie in video and stuff :D so dont judge me too hard :D

here are my creations :


Stellar Flux - 15th Floor - kinda Goa trance track. For video i used 70's NASA's video, without any edit, but it looks cool


Stellar Flux - Bushido (The Way Of Samurai)  - some kind of glitchy, breakbeat/donwtempo track with dub and psychedelic influence and i used old video of Takarazuka Ballet, Japanese theatrical dancing, and this time i tried to edit it :)



Feel free to post any criticism/ideas about videos and music itself, it really hard to get response these days :)



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Very nice! Love the video on '15th floor'   :D


Samurai video is also nice but could use some video effects on these to make it a bit more interesting?

Something like kaleidoscope effect or something.. Just my thoughts.. Music is great though :)

many thanks for listening/watching and feedback on my work :)

as i said, im absolute newbie :D will try to edit it, maybe you can reccomend me not very complicated software so i could use it (and not so simple as movie maker)


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Stellar Flux - Bushido - this track is DOPE! 

Really digging your videos too the visuals actually fit the music really well 


didn't really expect your music being pared with Takarazuka Ballet, Japanese theatrical dancing but TBH it works. it works well, really well great stuff man :D

thanks dude ^_^

i was just searching for some royalty free videos to use them, and found YT channel of US National Archive, this is tplace to EXPLORE :D


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