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One Arc Degree came to be when I was asked by Fishimself to contribute a track to Ambrosia V/A, for Ultimae Records. My solo works as Spinnet are not in that direction (more for my solo works in another topic!) so I proposed to a friend in Athens to work on something together. We were actually both members in psynews, so we had many common preferences in psychill and trance music (eg. our love for Juno Reactor) and we had tried a collab track in the past, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. 

At that time I had already moved to Kalymnos so we had to work by exchanging project files, back and forth, online. That period was late 2010 - early 2011, and gave birth to Distant Industries featuring some haunting soprano vocals by my wife Georgia Irakli!



Excited by that unique approach, drum & bass inspired groove combined with trance influenced melodies, we moved on to work on new tracks. Relying even more on a drum & bass structure, we released our first single, two original tracks on Evil Audio, a greek drum & bass netlabel, again featuring Georgia's voice.



At the same time, we really wanted to write something closer to the scene that brought us together in the first place. So, that body of work resulted in Rune, paying tribute to the late Pete Namlook...




...and our first EP, Under A Trillion Suns, which was signed by Microcosmos Records and featured some beautiful artwork by their artist!



During 2014, we also started experimenting with breakbeats, always carrying that melodic character of our music. Our first foray into the world of breaks came with two singles, both released in 2014. A Cup of Tea on Titan was our deeper tune, released on Deep Garnet...



...while High Density Proton Breeze (much more energetic!) was released on VIM Records, last autumn.




As for 2015, we have a couple of deep & melodic breakbeat releases plus two very exciting collaboration EPs. First one is with Erot -and its close to completion- and the second one with Cybernetika. We 'll have to find some time to work on our debut album as well :P


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I love downtempo but the very first psychedelic genre I fell in love with was breaks, and I always think there is never enough psychedelic drum n bass around - so you can imagine my excitement looking through your output! I'm going to very much enjoy working my way through it :)


Much love, brother!

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Really nice to read about the history and coming together of this project :) didn't know it was a vocal of your wife. Distant Industries is a wonderful track that I feel very connected too. I played it in one of my first 'real' dj sets. I was heavy into drum & bass for a long time so that could explain the connection.

Will have to check out your other works now too!


Related: when is THIS coming out and what can we expect? :Ppost-46-0-07271000-1440530093_thumb.jpg

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