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Mastering services for psybient and related genres

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Let's group here info and feedbacks about talented mastering engineers around the globe. Mastering is an important part of finalization of a track and good mastering can help a track (release) to stand out and most importantly sound great in amy environment. 


Below is a list of some mastering offers, feel welcome to add the one you recommend in the comments and i will add them in this top post.



AstroPilot Mastering Services https://soundcloud.com/astropilotmastering
Hermetech Mastering http://hermetechmastering.com
Manifold Studios http://manifold-studio.com/
Mindspring Music Mastering Services [email protected]
Sammy Wags Analogue Summing and Mastering http://sammywags.com
p.s. this list was inspired by the wiki page at reddit.com/r/Psybient/ , also i thank to PazuzusPetals for it.

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