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news 2015 W4 - album of the week selection


11 members have voted

  1. 1. Which of the album(s) would you like to highlight this week?

    • Anasa - Progressive Beat Stories Vol. 3 [ Cosmicleaf Records ]
    • Biokinetix - Dark Side EP [ Bass Star Records ]
    • Dhamika - Solitude [ Mystic Sound Records ]
    • Frore - Cyclic Movement [ Self Released ]
    • James Murray - Loss [ Eilean Records ]
    • mcthfg - Materials: Part One [ Dubmission Records ]
    • Pallasite Project - Escaping Desire EP [ Self Released ]

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i would like to propose you to discuss and highlight together music releases that has been announced in this week psybient.org news.


I propose each of us to make a vote for "interesting" album(s) and/or share your impressions about.



this is new idea, we will post similar topics once per week. if you have ideas how to make this more interesting and easy to use let me know.


embedded players for each release are under spoiler, click "show" below to display them


no preview

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With 10 votes that have been made and results are followings, we hope more participants in this week poll:


1. Dhamika - Solitude [ Mystic Sound Records ]


2*. Frore - Cyclic Movement [ Self Released ] 

2*. James Murray - Loss [ Eilean Records ]

2*. 2mcthfg - Materials: Part One [ Dubmission Records ] 


*  Flore, James Murray and 2mcthfg are sharing second place

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thank you for pointing it out, as we missed it last week, we added it to this week poll => http://forum.psybient.org/index.php/topic/177-news-2015-w5-album-of-the-week-selection/


good bassy stuff :)

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the "official" results are published, but the votes will stay open. Don't see point to close it. 


Does anybody wants to help us to manage weekly polls? this is fairly easy, will take maybe 15 minutes per week. Contact me via private message if you want to help with this.

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