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Flexagon - Flexagon's Psychedelic Psyder Chillout Part 18 (2016) (Psychill, Psychedelic, Chillout, Eclectic)

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New chilled out DJ mix on my mixcloud......Contains a couple of tracks from the Diversity In The Isles compilation from earlier in the year, along with my usual mixed bag of eclectic downtempo psychedelic sounds old and new.




1. The Emptiness Of Nothingness - Amorphous Androgynous - 

2. Baby Robot - Ott
3. The Real World - Flexagon
4. Mantra - Estray & Stanisha
5. Unsaddle - GMO vs. Dense
6. Once Upon A Time - Sephira
7. The Intralocuter - Globular
8. Ambient 51A - Serious Mastering
9. As above.....so below - Kaminanda



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