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V.A - Reclamaition (2016) [Mindspring Music] (psydub).

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The enigmatic Twin Shape is called upon, once again, to curate a new Various Artist Compilation for Mindspring. Typically known for his Psychill and Chillgressive style, this release is centered around Psydub & Glitch - departure from last years "Deeper Chill" comp. "Reclamation" starts off with Spiral Minded's 432Hz, healing, intro. The listener is encouraged to slough-off the layers that can build up, living in this busy, and often distracting, world. It is a light-hearted, peaceful, and relaxing segue into the first leg of the journey. "Harmonic Libations" gently eases us in with a similar tone, soul-shining and free. Well-crafted, deep-dub, bass & beats get mind & body moving. Glitchy passages meld with 4/4 Downtempo Psy and swirl back to end on a dubby note. Spiral Minded has another offering, this time a full-length track, with "Cloudstructure". The large spaces created lightly float the mind upwards, but the deep bass pulls the feet back down to solid dub-ground. Mellow synths meet Psychedelic Glitch, like an old friend. 


Icaro switches course, taking us to a subterranean level. Reminding us of the wonderment of art and imagination, the twisted vocals resonate within. Razor sharp glitches and squishy Psy sounds balance the ethnic instrumentation. Continuing down the same path set by Icaro, Frequency Sequence would have us crawling through densely packed percussive rhythms, surrounded by fractured melodies. A hauntingly frantic example of why Glitch and Psy work so well with Dub elements. Things slow back down as we trip along in "Tlaloque", created by Art Of Fact. Ghostly and Angelic vocals pitch in a beautifully unnatural way. Crunchy, broken percussion, and dub chords, are accented by bubbly squelches - heady and refined. "Ava" is a perfect neighbor to encounter next - full of longing and hope, melodies race across the soul. Emotive violins carry us through a windswept desert of dreams. Filtered leads, Psydub Glitches, and sharp effects come together in harmony. Twin Shape's own entry is the final message in this wonderful dialogue. It starts light and airy, but dubby and throbbing bass adds much welcomed weight. It evolves, and at time dissolves, into powerful passages and hidden surprises. We come back to where we started, but fresh and rejuvenated - back to center. 


An amazing collection of tracks that tell a cohesive and budding story, from beginning to end. The attention the artists paid the theme is crystal clear; reclaiming our centered state of being and feeling much more present, remembering the fullness of life and range of experiences. Top-notch talent pulled together with conscious intent. We look forward to these artists returning to Mindspring, and to seeing what Twin Shape has in store for us next time!

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