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Hello everyone,


I would like to introduce myself. My name is Thanos, originally from Greece and currently residing in the UK. Since '96 and up to date, I was with passion into Goa and Psychill music but always as a fan. Not actively involved with anything, just supporting labels and artists with my wallet  ;)

The few things I've done was 2 radio stations on Live365 (named Liquid Goa and Liquid Ambience), a number of mixes for DI.fm, mixcloud, RadioQ37 as Dj Ene-miss and most recently a Goa Trance only online radio station (GoaRadio.co.uk - now they sell shoes :blink:)

I've been a lurker in forums for years just for keeping myself informed.


I think it's time to change that.


It is nice to meet you all  :)

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As long as you don't intend to rule the universe with the infinity stones, we'll be fine here :)

Haha spot on, I thought of that too.


I've been a lurker on psynews for a very long time, it's a very noble task you're undertaking with the CD production Thano. Best of luck.  :) 

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