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Hello everyone,


May I introduce you to a brand new label?




Digital Reprints Records is dedicated on bringing intelligent electronic music from artists known for their unique sound aesthetics to the physical realm. Each release contains previously digitally only available tracks that deserve a place at a collectors music library.The Limited Edition releases are of high quality 8-panel digipacks with booklet and slipcase. The artwork will complement the music it encloses in an onomatopoetic way.
Printing of those releases is funded through Kickstarter and available exclusively to the backers of each project. Each release is strictly limited to 100 numbered copies. All backers will be credited in the booklet of the release.
If you want to be part of our community and to make sure that you'll be one of the few for our first release subscribe to our newsletter or just follow this thread.


More info to follow soonâ„¢  smile.png

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We are extremely happy to announce (and proud) that Hakan Hisim will be responsible for the artwork of our first release. He recently returned from London where he was responsible for the stage visuals and the 3D mapping of Sphongle Dj set/Hallucinogen Live. Check the video and make sure you check his website as well. Great art to see (and buy) there.


Maybe it's time for you to subscribe and make sure you don't miss this limited release?




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We are really happy to announce that our first project will be Entheogenic - Digital Archives.

A compilation of all the work of Entheogenic that has been only digitally available.


You can find more info at the newsletter. If you don't want to miss on this opportunity make sure you subscribe on our newsletter and share the info.



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Hi Everyone, just wanted to give a quick update about the tracklist wink.png We expect to start the campaign on December.


CD 1 Gaia Sophia [2011]


01 Love Letters To The Soul [First Time on Physical Format]

02 Body Of Light (Sophia Mix)

03 Badbury Rings [First Time on Physical Format]

04 Multiverse [First Time on Physical Format]

05 Fire Horse & Storm [First Time on Physical Format]


CD 2 Anthropomorphic [2013]


01 Luminous Child [First Time on Physical Format]

02 Tonglen [First Time on Physical Format]

03 Spirit Molecule (Wounded Man Pech Merle Mix) [First Time on Physical Format]

04 Soma (Veda Mix)



05 Walk On Air (Walking Mix)

06 Mono-Atomic (Sacred Mix)/Sacred Man

07 Ani Ohevet Otcha (Syd Mix) [unreleased]


Bonus Track

08 Kashmir Day Trip (Kuba Remix)



CD 3 Enthymesis [2014] [First Time on Physical Format]


01 Autopsia

02 Infrasensory

03 Planetary Medicine

04 Silent Knowing

05 Enthymesis

06 Eluesis

07 Spinning Elementary Matter

08 Terma


CD 4 A Singularity Encoded [2015] [First Time on Physical Format]


01 Oak Seers

02 Hamra-Dum

03 Star Wisdom Of Bon

04 Asherah

05 Veil Of Isis (Lucy In Dub Mix)

06 Psychocosmic Parallelism

07 Genuine Abstract

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As the Entheogenic box sets are getting rdy to be printed I think it's time to announce our next project.

I was thinking for a proper introduction but honestly...no need for that.

A true musician that his albums are on my library since the golden age of Goa Trance may I present you Mr Seb Taylor..


Digital Reprints is proud to announce our next project


Kaya Project - Mixed and Remixed 


4 cds presented in 2 double cd digipacks and they will include The Elixir Remixes, The Ambient Mixes, So It Was, Ummah Oum Remixes EP and Sema Yaka EP


More details to be finalised soon


Excited smile.png 

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The finalised tracklist.


The Elixir Remixes, The Ambient Mixes, So It Was, Ummah Oum Remixes,  Sema Yaka and Crossing The River first time on CD. Only slightly changed tracked order to fit all the tracks and keep the flow consistent.

It starts next week, stay tuned


Check next post for final tracklist

Edited by thanosp81

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We decided to slightly expand our tracklist. It is a 5 CD project now  :o 60 tracks in total, 57 for the first time in a physical format including 3 unreleased. Starts on Monday. Be prepared smile.png


Kaya Project – Mixed & Remixed


CD 1 – The Elixir Remixes 2013 [First Time on Physical Format exc track 3]


1              One God Dub (C23 Remix)                                                                         

2              65 Percent (Tripswitch's The Other 35 Remix)                                     

3              Ghasi Ram Blues (Desert Dwellers Remix)                              

4              Harem Bizarre (Mouldy Soul Remix)                                                       

5              Raag To Ragga (Toires Remix)                                                                   

6              Dark Tabla (Indidginus Champion Sound Remix)                                 

7              Harem Bizarre (Chaos By Design Remix)                                                 

8              Raag To Ragga (Biotone Remix)                                                                 

9              The Flow (Digitalis Remix)                                                                            

10           One God Dub (Dubsahara's Instrumental Remix)                                

11           Good Morning London (Banco De Gaia's Arhythmia Remix)           

12           Pachamama (Master Margherita Remix)                                                



CD 2 – The Ambient Mixes 2014 [First Time on Physical Format]


1              Walking Through (Ambient Mix)                                 

2              Rise Above (Ambient Mix)                                           

3              Slide (Ambient Mix)                                                      

4              Saranghi Breaks (Ambient Mix)                                 

5              From Mumbai (Ambient Mix)                                    

6              Dust Devil (Ambient Mix)                                            

7              Outside Looking In (Ambient Mix)                             

8              Always Waiting (Ambient Mix)                                  

9              Eye Of The Storm (Ambient Mix)                              

10           Harem Bizarre (Ambient Mix)                                     

11           Desert Child (Ambient Mix)                                         

12           The Flow (Ambient Mix)                                               



CD 3 – So It Was 2016 [First Time on Physical Format]


1              Zema Lasu (Gaudi Remix)                                                                                             

2              Under The Spell (Luke Mandala Remix)                                                                 

3              Dark Roads (Desert Dwellers Remix)                                                                       

4              ...& So It Goes (Evil Oil Man Remix)                                                                          

5              Always Waiting (Gnomes Of Kush & D-Echo Project's Extended Remix)  

6              Bekhudi (Tor.Ma In Dub Remix)                                                                                 

7              Hirajoshi (Master Margherita Remix)                                                                      

8              Obsidian Beats (David Starfire Remix)                                                                  

9              Jamming With Marco (Gumi Remix)                                                                         

10           Shifting Sands (Kukan Dub Lagan Remix) - The Kaya Edit                                 

11           Deep Kaya (Zen Baboon Remix)                                                                                




CD 4 – EPs Collection 1 [First Time on Physical Format]


So It Was (Cont.)


1              Drift (Tripswitch Remix)                                                                

2              Awaken (Bwoy de Bhajan Remix)                                          

3              Saranghi Breaks (Mashti & Polyesta Remix)                          

4              Deep Kaya (The 'Zen Balloon' Ambient Edit)                                                                                 

5             Shifting Sands (Kukan Dub Lagan Remix) - Full Version     


Kaya Project featuring Randolph Matthews ‎– Sema Yaka 2015


6              Sema Yaka (Original Mix)                                                              

7              Sema Yaka (Ambient Mix)                                                            

8              Sema Yaka (Glitch Chill Mix)                                                        

9              Sema Yaka (Hibernation Mix)                                                      

10           Shifting Sands Reprise                                                                    


Crossing The River 2016

11           Crossing The River                                                                           

12           Crossing The River (Gaudi Remix)                                              




CD 5 – EPs Collection 2 [First Time on Physical Format exc. Tracks 1 & 5]


Kaya Project feat. Shahin Badar ‎– Ummah Oum Remixes EP 2010


1              Ummah Oum (Original Mix)                          

2              Ummah Oum (Glitchbeats Mix)                                  

3              Ummah Oum (Makyo's Darbukka Dub Remix)     

4              Ummah Oum (Adham Shaikh Remix)                       

5              Ummah Oum (100th Monkey Remix)           

6              Ummah Oum (Kaya Project's Slow Hop Mix          


Firedance EP 2014

7              One Hundred Lights (Grouch Remix)                        

8              Firedance (Chaos By Design Remix)                         

9              Firedance (Kaminanda Remix)                                    

10           Through The Flames (Digitalis Remix)                      



11           Unreleased Remix

12           Eye Of The Storm (Haiti Mix)

13           Unreleased Remix

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Digital Reprints started with a 4xCD box set of Entheogenic. Then followed a 5xCD box set of Kaya Project (ships out on the 4th of September).


For a record label that isn't even a label (community label???) that is pretty F**** huge. So where do you go after that I was wondering? The answer for me was pretty obvious.


Morison Bennett combines elements of Entheogenic, Ott. and Shpongle (Simon Posford), adds his own signature and creates Globular (also he gives his music away for free). 7 years ago, when I heard for the first time Colours of the Brainbow I knew our musical relationship would last for years :) I am so excited to announce that he will be my 3rd release. Colours of the Brainbow, In Formation, A Self-Fulfilling Prophesy, Sorbet For The Soul (with Radioactive Sandwich, yeay), Digging & Building and Up The Xylem Elevator - The Remixes for the first time printed on cd. Plus a bonus 4th cd compiled by Morison himself (unreleased tracks included). What more can you ask?



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The good thing with the artists I pick to release is that their music speaks for themselves. It saves me the trouble to come up with catchy titles and wall of texts to create the hype necessary for crowdfunded projects like the ones I do.


Kuba-Laurence Harvey certainly falls into that category as well. 12 years ago he released his debut album in Liquid Sound Design. After several albums released in Chillcode Music, he returned to LSD for his latest, which is widely accepted that's as good as his first. Not many artists can do that.


He also has numerous digital only releases scattered around in various EPs and compilations. And this is where Digital Reprints steps in. With your support we already have 5 released box sets and we want KUBA to be the 6th. 56 tracks, enough to fill 4 CDs presented in a beautiful package designed by Are Marmelade Siland.


Please share, it would be of great help default_smile.png




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