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Schofield - Pillar of the World (DJ mix, downtempo, deep house, middle eastern)

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I uploaded a mix to Mixcloud recently, it's not really downtempo, and definitely not psytrance, so I thought I'd post it here, in case anyone is looking for something different to listen to.


Moving from 100 to 115 BPM, it's a journey through desert lands with a middle eastern vibe to it.  A bit of downtempo and then moving more toward deep house.





1. No Me Destruyas (Sainte Vie & Santiago Gala Edit) - Zoé
2. Jalan Jalan - Lukas Endhardt
3. Eos - EXZ
4. Syria - Unders
5. Tarlabasi (Nicola Cruz remix) - Oceanvs Orientalis
6. Esychia - Batu Ozer
7. Senhora - Florista
8. Lost Found - Armen Miran
9. The Greatest Against the World (Thomas Atzmann Remix) - Satori
10. Fathoms (Esteble Dive Deep Remix ft. BeatuniQue On Hang) - Chymera
11. Morgonvisa - Victor Norman
12. Madness - Hraach
13. Asfour - Oceanvs Orientalis
14. Amira - The Soul Brothers
15. Balkan - Zone+ & Usif
16. Babel (Hraach Remix) - Bernstein
17. Brother - Niju
18. Jojo in the Stars - Armen Miran


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