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DJ Chien

a Man got to eat

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if you wanna learn psychill,


1listen to ozrics until your ears bleed

2learn a couple of synths inside out

3 learn how to play the keyboards / piano

4let the music flow. 

5learn your daw and production stuff

6use forums for feedback

7don't rush into releasing



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yep I play synths and a bit of piano (when I feel inclined..jazz / classical).  I'm would say that I'm a moderately ok player.  I do play synths at live gigs, ozricy solo sounds on my Roland Gaia SH01.


Played bass in quite a few bands too which I find particularly useful for sequencing.  I spent 2 hours the other night trying to get the right bassline for a track using the keyboard and trillian. Was getting nowhere fast.  So I picked up my bass  and the first thing I played was exactly right.  Sometimes I will play air bass if I'm nowhere near the bass!  :-)  he he.


Re: free download.  No worries mate.  I put it up there on a pay what you want basis. We're all spinning around on the edge of forever, clinging to this beautiful earth.  What's a bit of money between a couple of homo sapiens?  A FB share is always a nice gesture if we want to support our friends.


Which reminds me, I need to check out your album Geoglyph.

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