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Music Simplified live @ Intergalactic Journey 2016 (psychedelic glitch hop)

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Posted Today, 09:39 AM

Intergalactic Journey was a sold out event that I hosted, arranged and performed at in Tallinn on October 22nd 2016, featuring the most epic chillout lineup we could find from the underground scene of Estonia, including my good friend Fuluf well known in this forum. It was also the biggest chillout party we have ever had here. It was a night of magic and transformation.

Starting with an intro and piano solo, I quickly go to deliver some of the finest psychedelic glich vibes this planet has to offer. I am also writing an album and all of my work so far is available on my page. hope you enjoy!

Kalya Scintilla - Evocation (with Eve Olution)
Sixis - Conduit (Music Simplified cut)
Desert Dwellers - Our dream world (Sixis remix)
Akasha Experience - Soul Circus
Kalya Scintilla - Acacia
Kalya Scintilla - Flamenco's on fire
Soulacybin - Alien Life
Music Simplified - Atmic Spheres
Sixis - Wandering deeper
Kalya Scintilla - Way of the Tarot
Music Simplified - Consciousness can dance
Kalya Scintilla - Arabian Boogie
Goosebumpz - Contact
Fearful - Gorilla (Spenghead remix)
Dephicit & Defazed - Duality feat. Biscuit (Music Simplified cut)
Govinda - Om Tare
Quanta - Create Culture



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It is a very interesting question. I have been DJng for almost 10 years now, I used to play techno and tech trance and well, stuff much different from what you hear now. Then just by accident I found Kalya Scintilla's music and everything changed. I quit my job and started producing, I decided to only play Glitch hop from that point on etc. At that point my DJ sets consisted of ONLY Kalya Scintilla and I actually never intended to change that. Now over the year I have found some other artists I feel I can also play, but I am extremely picky about it. I used to be the kind of DJ to show a very versatile tracklist, interesting transitions and well.. just do a really technical job as a "great DJ"(4 decks constantly in use etc). Now I have quit all that and I just want these people to receive a very clean, pure musical experience as it is, so having a lot of the same artist only contributes to that vibe.

Of course as you well know people at these parties are in a much more receptive mindstate and I want to take care of them as well as I can while giving them the opportunity to explore themselves on a deeper level.

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