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Exogen Music Video – A 360 VR Cosmic Journey

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I just released this new 360 VR music video. I built this all in Unity using my own custom animation tools. Would love to know what you guys think! Here's more info:


A stunning and immersive 3D VR experience, Exogen takes you on a fantastical futuristic journey that is beyond anything ordinary. With mesmerizing visuals of evolving geometric patterns, pulsating orbs of light, and a sense of weightlessness as you are whisked through space, Exogen is a rollercoaster through the cosmos that keeps you captivated as each scene evolves into something new and wondrous. The soundtrack is from Axon Genesis’ latest EP “Conscious Evolution†and provides the perfect atmosphere with a driving beat and uplifting melody to accompany the visuals.
Viewing Formats:
Desktop and Tablets
360 3D Stereoscopic VR




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