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Flexagon - Flexagon's Psychedelic Psyder Chillout Part 19 (2016) (Psychill, Psybient, Psychedelic, Chillout,)

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Settle in for another slide into the rabbithole of music that tickles my lobes.

Usual rules, some here are old, some are new, there's music from friends, one from me and all feels slightly familiar anyway!



Both Moonwolf's 'Abeytu (Things In The Night)' and False Identity's 'On a Butterfly's Wing' are from the compilation album Diversity in The Isles, available here:- https://diversityintheisles.bandcamp.com

Continuum's debut album 'Become Happier' is also on bandcamp here:- https://continuum-music.bandcamp.com


1. Abeytu (Things In The Night) - Moonwolf
2. Flooting Grooves - Diddly Doogles
3. Supersillyus - A List Of Instructions For When I'm Human
4. Ott - 16mm Summer Day
5. On a Butterfly's Wing - False Identity
6. Like Pictures Part 2 - Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwalm (Feat. Laurie Anderson)
7. Waterdroplets - Stupeflix
8. Where Ghosts Lay - Eat Static
9. Numbers - Flexagon
10. Continuum - Rising Slowly

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