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Do you use Open Source DAW or OS for music?

Open Source Music Production Survey  

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  1. 1. What Operating System you use for Music production?

    • GNU-Linux
    • BSD
    • Windows
    • Mac OS X
  2. 2. Is your primary Music software Open Source?

    • No, only using proprietary licensed software
    • Mixed, some of both
    • Yes, mainly using open-source or free software

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Hello psybient friends,


Please let me know if you are someone who likes to use open source audio editor or operating system to work on your music.


Personally, I like to use the Reaper software on a customized operating system (Arch Linux).


In order to make Reaper function on the unix-like operating system, the Wine package is used to run the program and VST plugin. To route the sound output, jack audio is used in combination with wineasio, qjackctl, cadence, ALSA, etc. This allows me to have extremely low latency and full usage of the typical ASIO output including MIDI. By recompiling the Linux kernel using special patch, it is possible to reconfigure the scheduler optimizer for audio purposes (instead of default server configuration). This way, latency can be reduced further for real-time purposes.


Now I have switched to this setup for almost a year already, it is the only setup I use now.


It works very well and I am very satisfied with the level of audio control I get.


Some of the newest VST plugins may not work, but most robust plugins designed in the past work excellently, 64bit or 32bit is your choice.


If anyone is considering a setup on alternative OS like GNU-Linux or BSD, I highly recommend to do it! The time has already been ripe!


Let me know your thoughts..

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In my setup, I am using the windows variant of VST. The *wine* package allows me to run the Windows 64 bit version of Reaper from a virtual drive / folder. Just as in windows, the Reaper program can scan folder for VST plugin (*.dll format plus any additional data). Most VST plugin should work, some special ones will require installation of a so called "winetricks" package. If a plugin also requires directx or other very special modern windows OS feature, plugin may not work yet.


Most of my favorite VST i have tested 32 bit and 64 bit and they work fine, only important one I cant use is Arturia. Older versions of the Arturia plugins work fine, newest version has glitches on this setup.


Don't know if it is possible to use Mac OS X variant on it.

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I'm using Renoise and it's available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux :) Thought it's quite different than most of the DAW's out there but I love it. I've used trackers since 90's Fast Tracker 2 and I found it too hard to start learning some another DAW now. It would take too much time to learn everything... Old dog already! :D



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I played around with rosegarden and qtractor but never finalized a song I started with these DAWs. Beside these DAWs, we also have a Bitwig Studio license used under Linux. But when I dropped off the fasttracker and started to use a DAW, it was Logic Audio under Mac OS X. I know how to work with all the factory plugins included into Logic and it is a real science to find alternatives for anything else with a similar handling.


But Ubuntu Linux is still my main operating system for anything else beside music production (Mac OS X) and flashing smartphones (Windows).

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you can absolutely have a 100% linux studio and there are  several DAW choices: 

bitwig, reaper, ardour, tracktion, and probably a few more 


Also there are many programs for linux from guitar racks to virtual modulars .....  Qtractor, LMMS, Muse, Rosegarden etc.

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I would LOVE to use Linux for my DAW but I can only get my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen to work for a little while than it just stops working! It drives me crazy!!! I LOVE Linux and really want to switch from Mac and Windows.

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