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(SOLVED) Undo vst parameter changes?

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I am in logic and also new to vst's

I am unable to undo parameter changes inside the vst's I use. Instead it undoes the last thing I did in the project.

Is this typical across all daw's or is this just a logic thing?


Nevermind. Found my answer :)

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Lol, looks like most DAWs with the exception of logic and I think pro tools allow undo for THEIR fx and instruments. But, it seems that all DAWs will not allow undo of third party vst's


Except Reason, since they require developers to make Rack extensions. The developers are then required to play by Propellerhead a rules

this makes it so third party rack extensions have all the same undo redo functions of reason.

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Ok! so after a lot of DAW demo versions later I have come to the conclusion that Ableton has thought this problem out the best. 

You ARE able to undo/redo in Ableton <-Good news.


The only problem that I am running into is (I don't have a lot of VSTs to check btw)

If I make parameter changes on the actual 3rd party VST I am only allowed ONE undo, after that Ableton crashes. :(

BUT, if I make parameter changes on the Ableton's "in program" window. ALL IS GOOD :)


I am definitely making the switch to Ableton after messing around on it for the past couple of weeks.... I think I am in love :)

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