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tracks with wisdom from terrence mckenna and timothy leary (let's compile here)

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Probably not the track you are looking for but any excuse to share this, the Shamen's Re:Evolution has to be one of the oldest from 1992. Possibly the first even with McKenna?


Even McKenna's own work with Spacetime Continuum was later than this. The Shamen were really popular in the UK in the early 90's and I remembering hearing Re:Evolution played on the radio!


Another old one I've always really liked with McKenna samples is Tim Freake's 'Hooray in a new way' (The Elves Of Hyper Space). I first heard this on the classic Megatripolis Compilation CD back in 1997......................


Also on the same CD (the very next track!) was Lahara part 2 by Low 948 with Timothy Leary



An artist called Zuvuya did a load of tracks with McKenna too I think, I don't really know much about them, so don't know if it was samples or an actual collaboration like he did with Spacetime Continuum.


...........for something more recent there's also "Don't watch TV" by Flexagon of course too! ;)


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Shpongle and Entheogenic have quite a few tunes with McKenna samples, especially the former, on Tales and Nothing Lasts.

Simon's Celtic Cross project has a Leary sample on Jade Garden, and there is more on some Hallucinogen tracks.

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found some links in www.reddit.com/r/Psybient/




Seamoon: The Center of the Mandala - 528Hz... https://youtu.be/L5qKdzWJB_k
Soulacybin - Alien Life
Alien Dreamtime: Spacetime Continuum
Quanta - Create Culture

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