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Do you warp your synth loops ?

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Hello everyone,


My question is pretty much in the title. With analog synthes, I end up playing with crazy layers of waves.


Basically, with the bass station II, a few notes sequenced with the latch button on, and each LFO or sub oscillator can live its own life. And it can be the same with the microbrute when you unleash it. You can end up with a going out of rythm wave form.


And I've got Two problems with this, coming out of the same matter of fact I suppose :


1. Playing in a different key, or octave, will put my looping out of rythm, as the wave will be slower in lower frequencies and faster in higher ones.

2. Sometimes the loop itself doesn't come out in time, but slighly out of it, slowly drifting on its own oscillation.


How can we deal with this ? Do you think warping is an option ?


Live playing wouldn't be possible then, but well at least those experimentations of sounds could be used in a musical sense.


Looking forward to reading your ideas.

I'm pretty new to synth, so please excuse me if my question sounds stupid.

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